Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Football Rant

Ok, given that I'm a relatively new convert to football, I really don't have much right to start making critiques, but hey, what are blogs for, if not making critiques that you're not qualified to make?

Call me crazy, but my understanding of timeouts is that each team has a few opportunities to stop the clock and have some additional time to prepare themselves for the upcoming play. They're meant as tactical tools, and to be separate from the play action. Yet they seem to be used more and more as part of the strategic game play, either to draw out the last 2 to 3 minutes of the game in a completely artificial and unnatural way, or in the half-second before the opposing team starts a big play for the sole purpose of messing with their heads. Yes yes, I know teams should use all the tools in their kit to win the game, but come on.

As the talking heads have reminded us at least a million times, in order to overturn the outcome of the play, there must be indisputable evidence that the call on the field was wrong. I just watched some refs take 5 minutes to review a play. Memo to refs: if you have to take 5 minutes to determine whether a call is right or wrong, then chances are it's not indisputable as the spirit of your rule suggests. I know that lately your motto has been "Get it Right", but if that's really going to be the case, then you need to do away with the "Indisputable Evidence" rule, and move towards codifying what's already happening in practice: namely that the real refs are up in the booth, and that the men on the field are just their as a speedy convenience when the booth isn't needed.

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