Saturday, November 15, 2008

Give Lieberman the Boot

For the record, I agree 100% completely with Rachel Maddow on what Joe Lieberman's fate should be. You should really watch the whole thing, but in case you aren't interested, here's the summary:

1) In the past 2 years, while his counterpart Rep Waxman in the House was investigating everything from DOJ torture memos to FEMA's Katrina plans to secret White House email accounts, Lieberman didn't hold a single hearing. Ever. Not one. And all of a sudden, now that Obama's going to be president, keeping this committee chair is the most important thing in the world to Lieberman, and it's "unacceptable" that he might have to chair a different committee. Vendetta, anyone?

2) Lieberman isn't just a 'moderate' Democrat. He's a Democrat who campaigned for John McCain, gave a prime time address at the Republican National Convention trashing Obama, campaigned for down ticket Republicans, and has been giving interviews left and right saying he "fears for the country's future" and that it's a "legitimate question" to ask if Obama's a Marxist. You just don't do that and get to keep a cushy and much-sought-after committee chairmanship.

3) Lieberman just needs a good kick in the pants. Let him whine if he wants to about how unfair it all is, the man needs to understand that there are consequences to his actions and that he can't just go around saying whatever he wants to and still stay in good standing with his party. I know he votes with the Dems on most issues. But on Iraq, Iran, and foreign policy in general, he votes with the GOP. And he doesn't just vote with them, he goes out of his way to use his reputation to explain to the world why the Democrats are weak and yellow-bellied and how they can't be trusted with the future of the country and how the GOP needs to be in charge so all our children won't die. The man just needs to be shown the door.

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