Sunday, October 05, 2008

Saturday Baking Extraveganza!

This weekend Katie, for reasons known only to her, decided that she needed to get into the Halloween mood, and the best way to accomplish this was to have a cookie baking extraveganzastic weekend down in Richmond with Todd and me. I had to be involved because I have all the cookware, Todd had to be involved because he's Todd, and because he's got a better kitchen than I do (a fact which, incidentally, drives me crazy).

So, down comes Katie, and out we go in search of ingredients. It was a grand shopping experience, and we found Hot Wheels toys as well as "gourmet" cat food flavored with egg/cheese souffle. We ended up going to Capolla's deli in Carytown for lunch, which is probably one of the best little sandwich shops I've ever visited. If you haven't tried it already, I strongly recommend.

On our way back from lunch, we found a dog.

He was just walking around out on the street, no owner in sight, sniffing at things. He had a collar and had been neutered, so he clearly belonged to someone, but there weren't any tags or other identification on him. He was very friendly and went along with us pretty happily as we checked with the neighbors nearby, but nobody knew who he was or who he belonged to. We took him back to Todd's apartment, where Katie and I sat outside with him while Todd went inside and started calling various places to see where we could take him. We kept an eye and ear out for people looking for a dog, but even after 45 minutes, nobody came by. (An unrelated but still interesting event: some sketchy guy came over to us and asked if he could use Todd's phone for a dollar, which Todd agreed to. Weird.)

Eventually Katie and Todd ended up taking him to the Richmond Animal Care and Control Center. Katie took it kind of hard, especially when the dog started to get scared from the strange place, but really, it was the best thing to do. While Todd and Katie were at the center, I walked around and asked everybody I saw whether anyone was looking for a dog, but no one had seen or heard anyone. It makes me mad when stupid stuff like this happens; if you're going to take responsibility for an animal's life, you owe it to them to make sure they're safe, and the necessary information is on the animal if something does happen and they get lost. Especially dogs who are as awesome as this:

Anyway, after the excitement, we finally got back to Todd's, and the cookie baking commenced. Behold the Super Cookie, in all it's glory!

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