Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Saturday Happenings

1) Greg & Cathy's dog Dixie is awesome. No pictures yet, although Todd has one of me in a somewhat compromising position that I'm sure will make it's way up here sometime. We met her last night as we hung out at Greg's apartment, and then this afternoon we went her across the street to an old fenced-in soccer field and just let her run. Dixie got in 30 minutes of pure joy before some jackass actually called the cops on us and a squad car showed up. The cop was a good guy and said he wouldn't be there except that they got a call about it, but home we had to go. Jackasses suck.

2) I have a sudden hankering for lentil soup.

3) Ok, technically this happened on Friday, but The Village Cafe near VCU is awesome. Went with Justin & Danielle for dinner: great little place with good atmosphere, lots of good for good prices, and fantastic fries. Bonus feature: they're open for breakfast and you can order as much and as little as you want, which means I finally have a breakfast place that's diner-ish enough to satisfy my parents.

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