Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bad Mood

Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm an analyst. And when I see something that is completely contrary to everything I know to be true about my area of expertise, I require an explanation a bit more well grounded than: "they talked about it over dinner."

And, when I then ask for more explanation, it is NOT a good idea to:

1) Tell me nobody cares what I think anyway

2) Tell me that I don't have the right to be asking the question in the first place since I'm not on the project team and

3) Tell me that me, others like me, and our "misguided" thinking caused a big mess and now it's time for me to shutup so someone else clean it up

Yeah, kinda pissed


Higgy said...

Do I need to regulate on some people's asses?

Nik said...

I ate a cheeseburger. So no, no regulating will be necessary.