Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC Live-Blogging, Night 2!

A blogging first for me tonight: tonight will be the first night that I live-blog from somebody else's place! That's right, tonight I took the dramatic step of walking across the apartment complex and live-blogging the RNC from my buddy Greg's apartment. Exciting!

8:35PM - Nothing interesting on tv right now, so I think I'll live blog Greg instead. Right now, he's putting together a DVD case with a screwdriver that I brought with me.

8:40PM - Greg just said "LIVE BLOG '08!" in a voice that could only be described as intimidating, in a WWF kind of way.

8:54PM - What happened to Anderson Cooper? He's not covering the convention tonight.

8:55PM - Greg blogging: "Holy weird nostrils Batman!" "Are you in fact a woman? I don't know."

8:56PM - Greg in WWF voice: "Wolf Blitzer. CNN. He could fight the communists himself!"

9:01PM - Anderson Cooper's back! Maybe he was using the facilities.

9:03PM - Heather Bruce, sister of Sarah Palin, is on tv. InstaGreg comment: "Awww..runnerup all your life."

9:05PM - According to Greg, I should consider myself priviledged, for being in a Mecca of Movies. No lie, the boy has a LOT of DVDs.

9:06PM - Mitt Romney!

9:07PM - Wow, Mitt's opener fell flat. Some kind of tortured metaphor about the Washington son rising in the elite east but now it'll be rising from the sunshine in the west from Arizona and Alaska. Even the crowd didn't know when to clap.

9:09PM - Wow, this is a HORRIBLE speech. Just a long list of talking points strung together without any flow whatsoever. And he isn't exactly delivering it well, either.

9:11PM - "China's acting like Adam Smith on steroids." Preceded and followed by stuff that had nothing to do with China, or even trade.

9:13PM - "I have one more recommendation for energy conservation. Let's keep Al Gore's private jet on the ground." Wha?

9:15PM - Even Greg thinks this is a bad speech. And he's not even actually listening. "Wow, he's beyond douche!"

9:18PM - Blitzer: "You think this was a tough speech, just wait, with Mike Huckabee and Rudy Guiliani coming up." Like, seriously? There's something beyond that?

9:24PM - TH#1 is being polite: "I was sitting there thinking, why is he making these points?"

9:27PM - Huckabee is on. So far, coming off as kinda funny, in a good way.

9:28PM - "The past few days of reporting have been tackier than a costume change at a Madonna concert." You know, the Republicans have made a really big deal lately about the "liberals and their liberal allies in the liberal media". This has got to get annoying lately, particularly to the reporters that have been giving McCain's policies white glove treatment. I almost want them to collectively decided "You want a liberal media? Alright, we'll give you a liberal media!"

9:32PM - Huckabee just said something about Obama going to Europe, and brought back European ideas about how to take away more than our liberties. I would just like to point out that it was Europe that balked at the idea of the US 'disappearing' enemy combatants on their soil.

9:34PM - "I was in college before I found out it wasn't supposed to hurt when you take a shower." Yeah, another quote I'm not gonna touch.

9:41PM - Ok, this entire convention can essentially be boiled down to "John McCain deserves to be president because he was a POW." Seriously, that's all it is. Huckabee just got done with some story about a school teacher in Arkansas that removed the desks from her classroom, and wouldn't let students have one until they told her that they didn't have to earn a desk because soldiers had already earned it for them. She accented this by having vets bring in the desks at the end of the day. I don't even have any idea how that's supposed to be relevant at all, much less a reason to vote McCain.

9:47PM - Anderson Cooper: "We continue to hear about these talking points which are tried, and I guess ... um ... true, what do you think about them?" Anderson Cooper, you're my hero.

9:50PM - TH#3: "You had a lot of red meat. You had ground chuck from Mitt Romney. You had something a bit more refined from Mike Huckabee." Talking Head #3, you are also my hero.

9:53PM - Again with the Reagan tax cut thing. Reagan cut taxes, and then raised them. Several times.

9:58PM - I have to say, asking Sarah Palin's brother-in-law whether she's ready to take on Iran has got to be a new low.

10:00PM - Trust the Corner to come up with some doozies. K-Lo sez: "That Romney speech wouldn't have been a bad acceptance speech."

10:01PM - Rudy's up!

10:01PM - Oh Rudy, that tie is ACK! I expect more from someone who's dressed in drag.

10:02PM - I have to say, the twin tower background is a nice touch. *barf*

10:06PM - More POW stuff.

10:08PM - Giuliani is ripping into Obama, and the crowd is loving it. "Present is not good enough for president" is a line that's going to resonate. Obama is going to have to figure out how to counter that, and fast.

10:10PM - Never done this, never done that, never led this, never led that, nothing, nada. Well, um, neither has McCain.

10:15PM - You know, I've stopped listening.

10:17PM - Hahahaha ... TPM on Giuliani: "I think I prefer this speech in the original German."

10:19PM - Giuliani on the surge: "On the single biggest policy decision of this election, McCain got it right, Obama got it wrong!" This keeps getting brought up, and it keeps being wrong. Yes, the number of casualties is down. But reducing casualties wasn't the point of the surge. The point of the surge, in the GOP's own words, was to give the Iraqi government 'breathing room' and allow for political reconcilliation. At which it has failed miserably. The surge ... didn't ... work. And, when we have to draw down the troops because the military can't handle it, it'll be because the military simply couldn't keep any more troops there, not because we won some nebulous 'surge'.

10:25PM - Ok, I'll give him this, Giuliani knows how to deliver a speech.

10:29PM - Palin is coming up.

10:30PM - Wow she looks young. Nice outfit. Nice legs, too. And yes, that was a sexist remark.

10:32PM - Her voice has no soul. And before anyone comments that I'm not qualified to judge that, if Bush can tell whether Putin has a soul by looking into his eyes, then I can tell whether Palin has a soul by listening to her voice.

10:34PM - I think the media would be much more inclined to leave Palin's family out of the campaign if she didn't keep dragging them in. She just spent 4 minutes introducing her children to the convention and talking about them. Now she's introducing her husband. Now she's introducing her in-laws.

10:42PM - You know, I'm not sure if she should be reminding people that just a couple years ago her experience was belonging to the PTA. So far this entire speech has been "Hi everybody, I'm Sarah Palin and this is why I'm cool!"

10:44PM - What's with the person in pink being escorted out?

10:47PM - Update to previous post; Greg was, in fact, listening to Romney's speech.

10:49PM - "I vetoed wasteful spending, half a billion dollars." She then points out that she fought the Bridge to Nowhere. Which isn't exactly true, she fought for it at first, then turned against it only after it gained publicity. However, even though she stopped the bridge, she kept right on building the road that was supposed to service the bridge (aka the Road to Nowhere) ... and she did this because if she didn't build the road, she'd have to give the money back to the federal government. What was that about wasteful spending governor Palin, hm?

10:57PM - Somebody wrote Palin a damn good speech. It's scathing, abrasive, touches on all the GOP talking points against Obama, and well written.

10:58PM - Greg sums up the "reading terrorists their rights" argument with "yaaaay waterboarding!" (yes, he's being sarcastic)

10:59PM - The tax thing again. Shall we be clear: 95% of people would see lower taxes. The other 5% would have their taxes raised to where they were during the incredibly economically depressive Clinton years. Oh, wait.

11:03PM - "The American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery." Ok, now she's just being mean.

Takeaways from tonight: Sarah Palin is cool, and John McCain = POW => president!

Whoa, McCain looks REALLY old next to Palin and her family.

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