Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Palin

It's been entertaining watching Republican talking heads bend over backwards to defend Sarah Palin's national security experience, and now we have a whopper of an article from Frank Gaffney that's going to be hard to outdo. It includes such gems as:
Her state is adjacent to Russia, a nation that has in recent years demonstrated a rising aggressiveness towards its neighbors.

Governor Palin would not only be intimately familiar with [Elmendorf Air Base's] vital role in protecting U.S. territory. She would also appreciate its importance ... as much of the nation’s long-range transport aircraft supplying our military operations around the world transit through Elmendorf.

Speaking of geography, Alaskan territory is also along the trajectory of ballistic missiles launched eastward out of Stalinist North Korea.

As [Alaska's] governor, Sarah Palin would know more by osmosis - if nothing else - about the necessity for U.S. anti-missile systems than either Messrs. Obama or Biden.

[Sarah Palin] - has had to confront directly and personally the prospect of making the ultimate sacrifice for their country in the face of such evil. (Palin's son Track is set to deploy to Iraq later this month)

So, let's review. Sarah Palin 1) Lives in a state whose uninhabited frozen wastelands are relatively close to Russia's uninhabited frozen wastelands, 2) lives in a state that has an Air Force base, 3) lives in a state that a North Korean missile would have to fly over in order to hit the other 48 states in the US, 4) has a water-permeable membrane, and 5) has a son in the army. In other words, Sarah Palin's experiences that qualify her to be CinC of the US armed forces are shared by anyone in Alaska who has a son or daughter in the US armed forces. It's also arguably shared by any of the hundreds of thousands of people living in the US bases in either Japan or South Korea.

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