Sunday, September 21, 2008

K-Lo Discovers Compassion

BREAKING: K-Lo over at the Corner displays compassion for two people who can't get married under California law!

Alas, this is not K-Lo changing her position on gay marriage, but instead refers to a man and woman who can't get married in California because they refuse to be identified as "Party A" and "Party B".
"We are traditionalists – we just want to be called bride and groom," said Bird, 25, who works part time for her father's church. "Those words have been used for generations and now they just changed them."

Bird and Codding say they are trying to figure out what to do next. Bird said she does not know what she will do if she should become ill and need insurance. "I really don't know," she said.
You know, part of me sympathizes with this couple; would it really be so bad for CA to maintain several different license templates, or allow people to make minor, non-impactful changes like changing "Party A" to "Groom"?

Part of me sympathizes. But when I read about her complaining that she can't access her husband's health benefits, a different part of me wants to whallop her upside the head. All of her concerns and worries about health care and the like could quickly and easily be eliminated by a simple concession to be known as "Party A". For millions of gay & lesbian American couples this isn't an option; they are forced, by law and constitutional ammendment, to endure that worry their entire lives, and be treated as second class citizens. Sigh. All the same, I wish the Birds, who seem like pretty decent people from the article, the best of luck in their quest to become legally married using their preferred nomenclature.


But even if the Birds seem like pretty decent people, it wouldn't be a K-Lo Corner post without some gratuitous gay bashing!

First the dumb:
"Those who support (same-sex marriage) say it has no impact on heterosexuals," said Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. "This debunks that argument."
The inaneness of this statement will be left as an exercise to the reader.

Second, the scornful:
They're in the wrong place for an actual marriage license though.
That's K-Lo, back in her original post. Notice the mindset that K-Lo is working under: the simple fact that gays and lesbians can get married in California somehow invalidates all marriages in that state. The Birds aren't actually married, you see, because their marriage license doesn't actually mean anything, at least not as long as Adam and Steve from down the street have one like it.

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