Monday, September 15, 2008

Impromptu Monday Night Outing!

Tonight was going to be a normal, unexciting night. Leftovers for dinner, a bit of work on the laptop, maybe some cleaning, and spending a bit of time making deviled eggs for the department potluck tomorrow. (I'm so domesticated).

Intervention: Greg texts me that he's pre-ordered the new Star Wars game, and that there's a "release party" tonight at GameStop in Short Pump mall, and that I need to come with him and look at all the hard-core fans dressed up in ridiculous homemade costumes. Plus I need to bring my camera.

Dilemma: How to spend the night with friends observing Star Wars fanatics while still fulfilling my obligations to the potluck tomorrow?

Solution: Canned chili, velveeta, and my crockpot!

Now, I know what you're thinking, that chili cheese dip will be a huge disappointment given that my coworkers have come to expect no less than culinary perfection from my kitchen. On the other hand, if anyone complains, I expect to have plenty of pictures to distract them!

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