Monday, September 29, 2008

A Diamond in the Rough

Tonight, in desperate search of a pick-me-up, I tried to find some good news. It wasn't easy. I read about the market's largest single-day loss ever, an NFL player is paralyzed below the waist and had his left leg amputated, Army recruiters are too stressed and committing suicide, the rate of Amazon tree cutting increased by over 200% in a single year, Georgia is in week 3 of it's gas shortage, a Mom froze her two adopted daughters to death in a freezer, the Hubble space telescope is having serious problems and NASA can't do anything about it, and to top it all off the Eagles lost.

I was about to give up hope, when I spotted it: the Giant Leatherback Turtle, an endangered species, is once again showing up off the coast of California. Apparently the turtles find jellyfish tentacles quite tasty, and are having both a good time and a great nosh. Three cheers for turtles!

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