Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things you Hear in the City

Some old guy, who I swear could have voiced Hank's father in King of the Hill, after a jogger with a dog crossed his path.

"All dogs should be put to death! One bullet to the head, and bang! Filthy creatures! ..."
(some guy, I think his son, was walking with him and now desperately trying to quiet him down)
"...I don't care if people can hear me, I deserve to be heard, and I'll do it myself!"

then later, doing his best imitation of the old guy from Family Guy with a thing for Chris...
"Woowheee, look at meeeee, I'm 69 years old and walking down the street! Woowhee I'm 69 years old! Woowhee, don't you want to be 69 years old?"

At this point I finally got out of earshot. No, he wasn't drunk, or if he was he was drunk at 3PM in the afternoon.

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