Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin Reaction

Noah Millman has what's supposed to be a flattering description of Palin:
Palin fits a different model. She’s not a President-in-waiting; she’s a President-in-training.
He then goes on to argue that that's ok, because if McCain kicks the bucket in early 2009 she can just ask someone else to be president, and if he kicks the bucket in late 2012 she'll have had lots of training and will be ok.

This is peciluar.

With all the hoopla about whether a VP brings a certain state, accents a candidate's strengths, or compliments the weaknesses, the one single purpose of a VP is to be ready to take on the job of POTUS at a moment's notice. And even her supporters don't think she's ready to do that. As Matt Y points out, Sarah Palin's been governor of Alaska for less time than McCain's been running for president, and really hasn't shown much interest in anything beyond Alaska's borders before two days ago when she was announced. McCain's big argument against Obama is that he's unexperienced and not ready. Personally, I don't believe that, but until this announcement I could believe that McCain did. With this pick, he pretty much reveals that to be a purely political argument that he thinks will get him the White House.

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