Monday, July 14, 2008

Friday Night with Friends

On Friday night Justin, Danielle and I tried a new restaurant named Bistro R. Its website lists concoctions such as duck-cognac pate with brie and braised lamb with roasted vegetables; the pictures show tablecloths with wine bottles on top; and it's very close to my old apartment, which had me wondering why I'd never heard of this particular restaurant before. Well, we went for dinner on Friday, and it didn't quite live up to expectations.

The plate of braised lamb had a LOT of lamb on it, which was good, but for some reason was covered in tomato paste. The rest of the food was decent but not spectacular, and the atmosphere has kind of a old-couples-come-here-for-aniversary-dinners feel to it.

But, then we went for ice cream! Danielle had a craving for DippinDots, so off we went in search of said dots. We had an address but couldn't find the shop; eventually we figured out it was inside the mall (even though it isn't listed on the directory, go figure). Mmmmm.... dippin dots, they bring out the kid in all of us.

Justin needed a new pair of sneakers, so we took the opportunity to go shoe shopping, where I located this freakish mutant offspring of a dress shoe and a sandle.

Seriously, who would wear something like this? For that matter, what would you wear with it? I wouldn't be caught dead wearing these with shorts, and really, what's the point of wearing them with pants? No wonder they were reduced.

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