Sunday, June 01, 2008

Top Chef, week ?

Eventually I'm going to figure out which week we're in, and number the posts correctly.

Overall, a good week. I thought the quick-fire challenge, butchering a rack of tomahawk steaks and then cooking those steaks to medium-rare for the judge, was pretty cool, and it showed off some of the pre-prep work that's just as important as the prep-work and the actual cooking itself. Spike really did butcher his meat beautifully, and he deserved to win that quick-fire.

He also deserved to be sent home for the challenge. When they heard that the scallops were frozen, every other chef gave a surprised look and pretty much said they'd never use frozen scallops, so why the hell didn't Spike just put them back and pick something else? It's not like there wasn't anything else in the pantry that he could use.

I'm glad that Stephanie, Antonia, and Richard got called out for cooking the best dishes and are advancing to the final four. Not only are they good chefs who don't go off into la la land with pine nut sushi and butterscotch scallops, but they're all good people who are genuinely fun to work with and don't piss people off.

Spike just isn't that great a chef, and kind of strikes me as kind of a weasler. Lisa flips between the extremes in terms of results. She never cooks a mediocre meal; her food is always either fantastic or awful. And she has a crappy personality. All in all, I'm glad Spike left, and the kumbaya side of me wants to see Lisa booted next week.

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