Friday, June 06, 2008

Top Chef - And then there were 3

Puerto Rico! Lots of fun things to do there, like fry up plantains and butcher your very own pig.

From one point of view, I'm glad that Stephanie won the quick-fire challenge. Her prize for winning, the responsibility of assigning the eliminated sous-chefs to the remaining contenders, was a prize of enourmous power. Stephanie, by assigning partners based on how well everyone will work together, used that power benevolently. I can easily imagine someone, Lisa for example, using that power to maximize the ill-effects for everyone except herself. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

For the elimination challenge, I got really nervous when Dale left the pork out all night. That was a huge setback for Stephanie, and I don't want to her eliminated. She made the right decision by not trusting the pork and doing something different, and ultimately it worked out quite well.

As for Richard, he did a great job, deserved to win, and the look on his face when they presented him with the new Corolla was priceless. I'm sorry to see Antonia go; she's a really nice person and obviously wanted it very badly. But I agree with the judges that the undercooked peas were a fatal mistake, and in the end she just isn't quite as strong as Stephanie and Richard.

That brings us to Lisa. Now, granted, a tv show isn't the ideal way to judge a person's personality, but from what I've seen, Lisa does not seem like an especially good person. She will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat if she thinks it will help her, she blames other people for her mistakes, and just has a plain old nasty attitude. She's shown up at the elimination table a LOT, but somehow always manages to be not quite the worst. And her comment at the end of this week's show ... well, judge for yourself (paraphrased):
Antonia: Hey everybody, I'm out. [hugs all around, leaves]
Richard and Stephanie: Bye... [a little sad to see their friend leave]
Lisa: What, so no one's going to congratulate me!?!?!
Richard and Stephanie (audible): Oh, sorry congratulations
Richard and Stephanie (inaudible): Oh fuck off

Seriously, what was she thinking? She squeaked by with the bronze medal, and she thinks congratulations are in order?

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