Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stephanie Wins!

Stephanie is Top Chef! Yeeeeeehaaaawww! (XYEGRL is going to be happy)

As I watched, I was starting to think that Lisa might actually win. She pretty clearly brought her A-game, and given the chance to cook what she cooks best, she did very well. If the judges' comments are to be believed, her soup was pretty damn good.

Richard choked. The pork belly was, even through the tv, just utterly uninspiring. Even given his past amazing performance, and his curiously good bacon icecream, tonight he just didn't do well.

But Stephanie won!

Just an aside: in all their commercials, Bravo played the small clip of Richard starting to say something, and then showed everyone reacting in a shocked way. They were pretty clearly insinuating that Richard would say something controversial, like that Lisa shouldn't win, or that the judges shouldn't feel pressured to pick a woman, or something like that. I'm glad he didn't, since that would have totally destroyed my opinion of Richard. But I'm kinda pissed at Bravo, since they made me wait anxiously for nothing.

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