Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Lancaster

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful. I ended up missing the light rail train that I was hoping for and had to take the one that left 20 minutes later, but Dad took a wrong turn on the highway and was 20 minutes late, so it all worked out well. We got some subs at Wegmans for a late lunch, and then drove back home.

For a combination birthday/father's day gift I bought Dad some cedar planks that you can grill with to give the meat a smokier flavor, and we decided to use one of the planks to grill some salmon for dinner. I have to say, it turned out awesome. They had a recipe for a rub that included some ingredients I wouldn't have thought to use, but when we combined it with the salmon and the cedar it all fit together. Mom also had some tasty recipes for side dishes, and the result was a perfect dinner with family and friends.

Tomorrow (Monday) is going to be a busy day. The family is getting up early to have breakfast together, Dad has an art appraisal appointment with a trendy bishop, and then of course there's the funeral service for my Uncle Bob, who lost his battle with cancer late last week. I think I echo the sentiments of millions of people when I say simply: cancer sucks. Uncle Bob had 6 brothers and sisters, countless nieces and nephews, was an active duty National Guardsman for over two decades, and was a 4th order Knight of Columbus, so there are going to be a LOT of people there, and it's going to be really tough on the family, I think. After the reception Katie and I are going to drive back to Virginia, probably getting back very late at night, and then it's back to work on Tuesday morning.

So, signing off for the next couple days, see everyone on Tuesday.

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