Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Day of Shopping

Katie came down to Richmond to visit today, and then she, Todd, and myself spent the rest of the day shopping. Todd needed new tires, and so the 3 of us went to Costco to de-virginize my Costco membership. While they were changing the tires, we took advantage of the time and just walked through the store, marveling at how we ever survived without being able to buy a 2 gallon tub of dill pickles, which my sister now proudly owns. In addition to all the other stuff that Katie picked up, I also ended up buying a bag each of frozen salmon fillets and frozen chicken breasts, which I anticipate will last me through most of summer.

Once the tires were done it was (eventually) off to Kohl's, were Katie proceeded to explain to me everything that was wrong with my wardrobe, picked out clothes so that I could fit into her definition of fashion, and did her best to be a general pain in the ass. But she means well. Or so I keep telling myself. Anyway, got some nice clothes that will look good, provided I ever lose enough weight to comfortably fit into them.

Then, back to the apartment for an impromptu fashion show (don't ask), then off to Topeka Steakhouse to finish off the day with some absolutely faaaabulous slow-roasted prime rib. Mmmm tastey. I also found out that, in addition to being a restaurant, they have their own butcher shop and will sell you cuts of meat for you to cook yourself. That's pretty cool, especially since there's a decided lack of good butcher shops in the West End. Ukrops may make a mean 3-cheese buffalo chicken dip, but their meat selection is pretty mediocre.

One unexpected result of the day is that I now have a LOT of food in my fridge. On Saturday afternoon I went grocery shopping, and bought groceries to make into some turkey meat loaf with vegetables, and use the leftovers for a hearty tomato sauce over spaghetti, which would have lasted me most of the week. When I got home from shopping, though, I had a moment of weakness and ordered a pizza from Papa Johns. By the time it was delivered I'd regained my will-power, and only ate a few pieces, deciding that the rest would be good enough for two meals. So I've got all that in my fridge.

Before Katie, Todd and I all started shopping, we went out for brunch first. I was good and saved half of my omelette and potatoes for later (I'm getting good at limiting, yay!). Katie didn't finish most of her quesadillas and boxed them up, but since neither she nor Todd is particularly fond of cilantro I ended up getting that also. Finally, at Topeka I saved half of the prime rib and fries, which will be another meal.

So, in my fridge, I've got: two meals worth of pizza, two meals from Sunday brunch, one meal from Sunday dinner, at least four meals worth of meatloaf, and at least four meals worth of spaghetti. That's 13 meals, which is lunch and dinner for almost a week. But, on Tuesday we have the NHS MBR, which means free lunch on Tuesday. And Thursday is Habitat for Humanity, and they always provide pizza, so free lunch on Thursday. And on Wednesday I already have eat-out plans for dinner that I'm not going to cancel.

I know it's really bad taste to complain about having too much food, but seriously, how am I going to finish all of that before it goes bad? None of it will freeze particularly well, except maybe the tomato sauce. And I'm almost positive other stuff will happen over the week. YEARGH!

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