Monday, May 26, 2008

Top Chef Blogging

I got hooked on Top Chef pretty late in the season, so I probably have no right to just start blogging, but this week's episode deserves a response.

I like Dale. I think he's a nice guy, although a bit tempramental and bossy. And I think he's a good chef, although occasionally he has wacky ideas that I can't figure out why he thought would ever EVER be a good thing to cook. Which is why I can agree with this week's decision to send him home.

Dale decided to cook scallops with butterscotch. For an Asian themed restaurant. Scallops good, yummy. Butterscotch good, yummy. Scallops and butterscotch together? NOT GOOD!! NOT YUMMY!! But seriously, if you don't believe, go to the top chef website and see for yourself: Butterscotch scallops with spicy eggplant and pickled long beans.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Because Sometimes You Just Need To

A Mystery Explained

I've been wondering why and how my apartment gets so dusy and dirty so quickly (no quips, please). Well, today I discovered the answer:

In case you can't tell, that would be my dryer's exhaust tube, not being connected to the dryer. So in other words, every time I do laundry, all the lint and dust that's supposed to go outside is actually spewing inside back into my bedroom. Lovely.

An Open Letter to Idiots Everywhere

Dear Idiot:

If you are going to be so dumb as to wear dark clothing and walk in the middle of a tightly curved off-ramp at 11 o'clock at night while talking on your cellphone and ignoring all the surrounding environment and causing motorists to have to screech to a halt in order to avoid maiming you for life, then you should consider yourself lucky that all I did was blow my horn at you. Oh, and I sincerely appreciated your gesture in return.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baked Alaska!

Also, if a friend is kind enough to lend you a movie and suggests that you'd like it, take the suggestion, cause it probably is a cool movie!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stupid Things that Piss Me Off

Ok, time for a rant. More stupid things, or stupid people, that piss me off.

1) My previous post about how it's time for Clinton to drop out not withstanding, it pisses me off when people imply that Clinton's base of supporters is fundamentally racist.

2) Also primary related, it pisses me off when people with nothing better to do decide it's their divine calling to make Clinton's life as miserable as possible and pass it off as some kind of journalism instead.

3) Not primary related, but still political, it pisses me off when prominent columnists imply that Katrina vicitims were somehow responsible for their deaths because they were either a) too poor to rent a hotel room hundreds of miles away or b) unfortunate enough to live in a city that had a corrupt government.


The world's (or at least England's) largest bovine. Yowzas.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Woes of Amishland

You know, I love Lancaster, and particularly during spring the entire area is filled with lush, green, and flowering vegetation that's absolutely amazing to take in.

On the other hand, whole swaths of the county smell like cow manure, people think the word "wifi" is the name of a pagan god or something, and the only place to get coffee within 10 miles of my house is a Dunkin Donuts.

UPDATE: I stand corrected, courtesy of my sister. There's a new place a few miles down the road called "The Upper Crust", which doesn't have internet access, but makes a decent cup of coffee and doubles as a sandwich shop.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Florida and Michigan

Matt Yglesias has a post up about seating the Florida and Michigan delegates that I think does a good job of illustrating the different angles Clinton and Obama supporters are coming from on the issue. Money quote:
Nothing would do more to help resolve the Florida and Michigan issue than for Clinton to drop out and endorse Obama.

For Clinton supporters (like me) the issue isn't whether the two states will have nominal delegates seated at the convention, it's whether those delegates, and the millions of voters they represent, are actually meaningful in any way.

Florida and Michigan are two very large states that would have probably gone strongly in Clinton's favor, changing the delegate math early on, shaping conversations and perceptions, blunting or feeding momentum, etc. Of course, it's a fool's errand to try to figure out what would have happened in the abstract sense, and the vast majority of Clinton supporters (also like me) are quite willing to concede the nomination to Obama. But what Yglesias and others seem to be saying is that they're perfectly fine representing Florida and Michigan, as long as they have absolutely no importance or impact whatsoever to the race, don't change the numbers at all, that they are completely ignored in any conversation where it isn't convenient, and that it won't change their personally desired outcome in any way, shape, or form.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stupid Blogger

I just finished writing what was no doubt an absolutely BRILLIANT post about the primary and Clinton and Obama and prejudice, but then blogger crashed and didn't save drafts like it was supposed to.

Screw it. Short summary: time for Clinton to drop out. If I feel like rewriting, I will.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Indiana Voter IDs

More soon about the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, but wanted to point out a story that's making the rounds about the Indiana voter ID law.

Last week, the US Supreme Court upheld (6 to 3) an Indiana law that requires voters to present a current government issued photo ID before being allowed to vote. The issue being raised was that people who don't have such an ID are disproportionately elderly, poor, or black, and that the ID law amounted to a de facto discrimination based on age, income, or race. Indiana didn't really deny that, but argued instead that preventing voter fraud was more important, even though they couldn't actually produce any evidence that any voter fraud had ever occured.

And today, the day of the Indiana primary, we get the story of several nuns who were turned away by a fellow sister from the polling place because they didn't have proper identification.

Reading these stories, I get pretty angry about the fact that people are being disenfranchised ... and yet, I honestly don't feel that requiring a valid photo ID to prove your identify at the voting booth is, on its face, an unreasonable requirement. We're deciding who the world's single most powerful (wo)man will be for 4 years, who could obliterate the planet with the push of a button. Is it really so much to ask that, when you make that decision, you have a piece of plastic with your photo on it? I don't think so.

What makes it become an unreasonable requirement is when that ID isn't readily available, or costs money, or etc. Right now the de facto ID is a state driver's license, which not only costs about $25 in most states, but is a complete nightmare to obtain. Combine that hassle with that the fact that people who don't drive really don't need a driver's license; is it any wonder that large swaths of the population don't have one?

Those are problems, though, that can be fixed, and fixed relatively easily. IDs can be subsidized, bigger offices in more locations can be opened, and processes can be streamlined. As one participant in the YouTube debate put it: "I know these things cost money, but if I can go to any town across the country and get the exact same grande-double-pump-no-whip-caramel-latte-mochiatta, why can we have standardization for voting?"

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I just searched the entire house...

And found 3 ping pong balls. Lucy has at least 13 of them still hidden.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary vs the Coffee Machine

This has been making the rounds - and while it's pretty irrelevant to the campaign, it's actually kinda funny.