Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Attack of the Decimalists

I'm gearing up for a post on the Pennsylvania primary and the national primary in general, but I want to note the weird obsession the blogosphere has suddenly developed over decimals.

In a nutshell, Clinton took approximately 54.7% to Obama's 45.3% in the PA primary last night. I say approximately, because the degree of precision matters. Some people are rounding to 55% and 45%, which makes it a 10% win. Others aren't rounding until the end (the right way to do it), and getting a 9.4% surplus, which rounds to a 9% win. This affects whether or not you can say Clinton won by 10% versus won by 9%. Apparently this is a big deal. Myself, I really don't see much of a difference, but others sure do:

Josh Marshall, John Aravosis, Mark Kleinman, John Cole, and Markos all have something to say ... and that's NOT including any of their reader blogs or the bajillinos of comments that have come in. Jeebus.

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