Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Yesterday somebody asked me whether I hated Obama, and I realized that I probably don't do a good enough job of explaining the nuances of my positions, either in conversation or in text, so let me take a quick stab:

Of course I don't hate Obama. Barring some kind of head injury that rearranges my wiring, I'll be supporting him 100% in the general election against McCain. Obama is a fine candidate who takes pretty much all the right positions. I have some quibbles with him here and there, just like I do with Clinton. My Clinton quibbles are a bit less quibbly than my Obama quibbles, so I picked the lesser of two quibbles and chose to support Clinton over Obama.

(rant warning)
What really drives me crazy though, are some of the more unhinged Clinton bashers. These are the people for whom everything, EVERYTHING, becomes an example of Clinton's evilness or Obama's sainthood. There really are a lot of people out there who simply lose the ability to think rationally whenever they hear the name "Clinton".

There's Ann Althouse, who thinks that the Clinton campaign put the subliminal message "NIG", with obvious racial overtones, in one of their campaign ads.

There's Andrew Sullivan, who liveblogged an entire 2 hour debate without mentioning either Obama or Edwards for the first 40 minutes:
9.10 pm: Did Robert L. Johnson actually say he was "out of bounds" in bringing up Obama's past drug use? That's what Clinton just said. Did she just make that up?

(Update: if you read Johnson's press release, you can see that Clinton was lying to maintain good relations with Johnson. She lied when she said that ayone who did such a thing would be disowned. She hasn't disowned someone who both smeared Obama, then lied about it, then refused to back away from it. So that's two lies. If it were her opponent, you can be sure she'd be taking notes. I'm holding her to the same standards she applies to others.)

9.20 pm: Clinton again said that she doesn't want to inject the gender issue into this race. Again, this is easily disproved by any number of statements she has made over the last several months. She's not as bad as her husband, but she reflexively makes stuff up.

9.30 pm: Just like Bush, she cannot talk about her own weaknesses. In her eyes, her weakness is being too aggressive for change! And then she pivots to exploit Obama's own confession of his personal disorganization. The more you see her, the more calculating she is.

9.40 pm. Obama's showing some sense of humor, which has been lacking in his campaign. Both Clinton and Obama look exhausted.

And then just today there's Daily Kos and AmericaBlog (not exactly right wing) who suspect that the Clinton campaign is deliberately tinting videos to make Obama seem blacker:

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