Saturday, March 01, 2008

The 3.5th Circle of Hell...

Better known as the Leek Soup Diet!

My sister, annoying brat that she is, has decreed that this weekend I will be on the Leek Soup Diet, which is something that she found in the book French Women Don't Get Fat. Basically, your weekend is as follows. You find some leeks. You boil them. You eat nothing except the boiled leeks and the water you boiled them in the entire weekend. Ugh.

All kidding aside, I do need to lose weight, and this seemed as good a way to kick-start as any, so this morning I got up early (8AM is early for the weekend) and set about trying to find some leeks.

First I walked over to the Ukrops by my apartment, which didn't have any leeks, but DID have a doughnut special going on, with all sorts of fresh doughnuts displayed as soon as you walked in. I got out of there as soon as I could.

Second, I drove across Broad to Kroger. They didn't have any leeks either, but apparently their Saturday special was fried chicken, the smell of which filled the store.

So, leekless and even more hungry than ever, I drove to the other Ukrops up by Short Pump, where I finally found some leeks. And since the produce section is right next to the deli, prepared foods and bakery sections in that particular Ukrops, I also found even more temptations. But, I remained strong!

So now, after braving doughnuts, fried chicken, fresh bread, sauteed onions with sausgage, a Panera Bread and 3 Starbucks along the drive, I'm finally back home, and my leeks are on the stove boiling away. In about 10 minutes they'll be done, and I get to have my first ever (but certainly not last) taste of leek flavored water.

I imagine I'll probably be giving a running chronical of my misery this weekend, check back if you're interested.

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