Friday, February 22, 2008

The Missing Eyes of Cindy McCain

My friend Lyssa made an interesting observation earlier today: Cindy McCain, wife of John McCain, does not have any eyes. And while I wasn't too pleased with her ruining my productivity for the day, the topic was too good to pass up. So let's see whether Cindy McCain has any eyes, shall we?

Here is Cindy listening to a woman who didn't change from black and white to color in the 70's when everyone else did. (for the record, colorless woman is actually John McCain's mother)

Here is Cindy with a pitchfork (ok, you can sorta see her eyes here)

Here is Cindy again, looking remarkably like someone applied a layer of latex over her face.

So what's your verdict? Does Cindy have eyes? Or is she eyeless?

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