Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary Wins in New Hampshire -or- The Empire Strikes Back!

Whew! Long and hand-wringing night, but she pulled it off! Clinton: 39%, Obama: 37% in the New Hampshire primary. Absolutely amazing, especially considering everybody was expecting an Obama blowout tonight.

Hillary said tonight that over the past few days she's "found her voice", and you know what? She really did sound more human tonight. She's not anywhere near as inspiring as Obama, and bits and pieces of the automatron are still there, but the beginnings of a not-too-bad candidate are definitely there. Her one quote "Ending the Iraq war the right way" is really going to resonate, I think.

One thing that I want to say though: if I hear one more political commentator ask whether "the tears" changed everything, I'm gonna puke. "The tears" were, at best, one eye getting slightly misty, possibly not even in direct response to the question. And it got wall to wall coverage on just about every news outlet in the country. Sheesh. Let's see ... we have: the cleavage, the laugh, the tip, and now the tears. Eeeeyup, that's some great press coverage alright.

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