Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Nonsense Weekend

For some reason, nothing seemed to make sense this weekend. It was The Weekend of the Nonsense. There were some times the universe seemed to actively work against me:

1) My grandfather sent me a fruit gift box, filled with awesome oranges and grapefruits. And I'm coming down with a pretty bad cold, which makes everything taste like cardboard.

2) Last week I was thwarted in my cookie baking efforts by lack of a key ingredient for almost every type of cookie. Now that I have the ingredients, I don't have my mixing bowls.

3) I went to deposit a check at my bank's ATM, which it appears they've upgraded to make check depositing easier than ever. Except that they didn't do a good job of testing and all the new ATM's are flashing a big red out-of-order message.

And then there were the simply annoying nonsense things:

3) Watching Sunday night football on Fox and listening to some dumb blonde recite the "Top 10 Reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is different from Gilligan's baby." (The top 10? There are more? Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City?) As a SNL skit or Family Guy episode that'd be perfect, but as an NFL pregame show? Wtf?

4) Annoying radio commercials for mutual funds that claim "50% of our funds beat the market average".

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