Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ever had a weird nightmare?

I just got done taking a mid-afternoon nap, where I had the following dream:

I had just gotten done telling a really annoying coworker that he took turns way too fast when he was driving. But then I started driving my family's old station wagon, and somehow I got myself wedged in a curve. And the only way to get out of the wedge was to gun the engine and run over a family's mailbox, destroying it. The family was home, and of course I apologized and told them that I would pay for it. Except that the family was actually a business with some weird mixed up name, and when I tried to write a check I misspelled it, so I ripped up that check to try again. But when I looked for the next check, there wasn't one, so I was left with no other option but to count out about $150 in change from the car and hope that was enough to cover the damage. I was absolutely mortified.

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