Monday, December 31, 2007

Woes of Virginia, Part 35,487

I just cleaned my local grocery store out of sauerkraut. Every last can and bag of the kraut is now in my possession. It's their own fault, really; they should know that damn Yankees like me bring our damn Yankee traditions along with us, and that means having good old fashioned pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day for good luck. And no, sauerkraut is NOT just "that stuff you put on hot dogs."

Maybe next year I'll make my own.

(In case you're wondering, "damn Yankee" is, in fact, a technical term. It refers to northerners (Yankees) who move down south and who, in the process, become damn Yankees.)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Cat Blogging

Lucy's actually not feeling very well this weekend; she has a sprained paw (at least that's what the vet said it likely was during our phone conversation). On Saturday she wouldn't put any weight on it at all, and while it's a bit better today (Sunday), she's still favoring it pretty heavily. The vet said to give her half a tablet of children's aspirin for two days, and then call again on Monday if she's not better. So, that's what I'm doing.

This picture, though, was taken when the biggest issue was not the sprained paw, but rather how to take a good nap with that annoying light shining everywhere.

2008 Resolutions

I've been a bad blogger. I haven't written anything for 3 whole weeks now! Sheesh. But, now that the new year is upon us, I get to post something. So I present to you:

Nik's 2008 Resolutions
The hope is that, by actually writing them down in a semi-public place, I'll hold myself to them a bit better than previous years.

1) Post more stuff on the blog! Every day, yes every single day, will now have at least one post. Even if it's just a gratuitious here's-a-cool-article, there will be something. I'm up to 2 readers, and by golly, I'm going to keep them both!

2) Stop being so lazy. A lot of times groceries (non-perishables) will sit in my car for days on end, for the simple reason that I'm too lazy to go back down the 3 flights of stairs and bring up the rest once I'm back in my apartment. Not good for me, and not good for groceries. So, I hereby declare pre-emptive war on laziness and procrastination. They are the enemies of freedom, and I will not hesitate to use all the tools available to contain their freedom-hatingness.

3) Lose 50 pounds! I know, sounds cliche, but in my case, it's actually pretty close to being true. I'm carrying around a lot of extra weight; and that is, to put it mildly, not the best situation to be in, and it needs to change. So I'm going to change my habits. I'm not going to turn into some crazy health nut, but I'm going to visit the gym after work, and I'm going to eat sensibly. And I'm not gonna sit around all day, I'm gonna take a walk. Or something.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Question for the Footballers

Question for all you football (American football) fans out there: what is it, exactly, about the Patriots' taping of the opposing team's hand signals that is so illegal exactly?

I'm not trying to suggest it's good sportsmanship to do something like that, but haven't teams been devoting significant effort to decode their opponents' hand signals for years now? Is the problem that he actually taped them; that it'd be ok to squint and use binoculars but taping is a no-no? I could believe that, except we're talking about a sport where the players actually have little radio trancievers built into their helmets, and there's always a "team upstairs" that has access to a bajillion different camera angles who can tell the coach exactly when a play should be challenged and when it shouldn't. So what's the deal?

On a completely unrelated note: Bruce Sprinstein's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is a good song, but it is also way overplayed.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ever had a weird nightmare?

I just got done taking a mid-afternoon nap, where I had the following dream:

I had just gotten done telling a really annoying coworker that he took turns way too fast when he was driving. But then I started driving my family's old station wagon, and somehow I got myself wedged in a curve. And the only way to get out of the wedge was to gun the engine and run over a family's mailbox, destroying it. The family was home, and of course I apologized and told them that I would pay for it. Except that the family was actually a business with some weird mixed up name, and when I tried to write a check I misspelled it, so I ripped up that check to try again. But when I looked for the next check, there wasn't one, so I was left with no other option but to count out about $150 in change from the car and hope that was enough to cover the damage. I was absolutely mortified.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cold Update

Ugh. Apologies for the light posting, but it was a rough week. The cold that I woke up with on Sunday got worse, a LOT worse, as the week passed.

On Monday my nose turned into a snot machine, and my head felt like it was going to explode. I had to be out at the West Creek complex that day for a presentation, which meant not having a familiar place to sit and having to lug my backpack around, and to top it all off it was 80 degrees and I lost my keys for about 45 minutes and had to run around the campus trying to find them. I ended up going home around 3PM (when the Dayquil wore off); I stopped by Ukrops to pick up some soup, then spent the rest of the day wrapped up in a blanket drinking hot tea with honey and eating the oranges that my grandfather sent me for Christmas.

As bad as Monday was, Tuesday was even worse. My head was even stuffier and my nose even runnier. I also had to spend a lot of time in close proximity with other people, and I'm one of those guys who really hates to be close to others when I'm sick, more for their sake than mine, really. PLUS, I'm on the planning committee for CapOne's LGBT holiday party, which was Tuesday night, and had to deal with that (this warrants its own story). I was responsible for nametags, and had a great template that we'd used last year with gold and silver and our network logo that everybody liked. Except when I went to print them out, I discovered that we only had one sheet of nametags left, so I had to run out in the middle of the day to get more. After nearly getting killed (seriously) by a dumptruck that ran a red light, I got the stuff at Walmart, got back to the office in time for another holiday event that I'd helped plan for the department, eventually got them all printed, and set out to find the person who'd said they'd take the nametags to the event for me (someone had volunteered in our meeting earlier when I said I was sick and maybe not going). Except apparently that person left the office early without checking with me first. So apparently I was now going to the holiday party regardless of how sick I felt. I went home, rested for a bit, loaded myself up with drugs, grabbed the scissors and markers we would need for the raffle drawings later, and drove off to holiday party. After missing the buidling the first time around and then parking in the wrong lot the second time, I finally got parked and walked into the party ... only to discover that I'd forgotten the nametags at home. *sigh So, off to Walgreens to buy some "Hello my name is:" stickers. The night wasn't a complete bust though: I got a very nice rainbow candle and tree ornament :)

Wednesday was slightly better; my head wasn't nearly as bad, but now my throat was awful; so bad in fact that I took my own honey to work with me and literally drank tea all day long. Well, untill 2PM anyway. That was when 3 days of being really busy and really sick finally caught up and hit me like a sledgehammer. So I went home early again, and was so exhausted that I took a 4 hour nap. Woke up around 7 with a fever and the chills and aching all over; had some soup, some more tea and another orange, and then went back to bed around 9PM.

Woke up at 8AM on Thursday morning feeling a LOT better. No more exploding head or burning throat, just a mild case of the sniffles (I guess 15 hours of sleep will do that for you). Got through work easily enough, then had a great dinner with Katie up in Charlottesville, and am now feeling great!

More tomorrow, it's time for bed.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Cat Blogging

Still feeling lousy, but here's the weekly Lucy picture. She's got it all figured out.

The Nonsense Weekend

For some reason, nothing seemed to make sense this weekend. It was The Weekend of the Nonsense. There were some times the universe seemed to actively work against me:

1) My grandfather sent me a fruit gift box, filled with awesome oranges and grapefruits. And I'm coming down with a pretty bad cold, which makes everything taste like cardboard.

2) Last week I was thwarted in my cookie baking efforts by lack of a key ingredient for almost every type of cookie. Now that I have the ingredients, I don't have my mixing bowls.

3) I went to deposit a check at my bank's ATM, which it appears they've upgraded to make check depositing easier than ever. Except that they didn't do a good job of testing and all the new ATM's are flashing a big red out-of-order message.

And then there were the simply annoying nonsense things:

3) Watching Sunday night football on Fox and listening to some dumb blonde recite the "Top 10 Reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is different from Gilligan's baby." (The top 10? There are more? Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City?) As a SNL skit or Family Guy episode that'd be perfect, but as an NFL pregame show? Wtf?

4) Annoying radio commercials for mutual funds that claim "50% of our funds beat the market average".