Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Week of Ugh

The title pretty much sums it up. Every month around this time I get very busy, because of all the MBRs (Monthly Business Reviews for the uninitiated) that happen during the middle of the month. Basically we all get together and discuss what happened last month, what's happening now, what will happen, etc. Since so much of what we discuss generally involves analyzing data, my schedule gets pretty tight.

Every month is bad, but this month is worse. Combined with all the normal responsibilities I have for the MBR is an additional project that I have to do an impact analysis for, a services dashboard that got transitioned to me because of the reorg, a LOT (deliberate capitalization) of small tweaks to the data to make it accurate, a Thanksgiving potluck (both coordinating and bringing something for), and a diversity holiday party. Plus all of the other stuff that I do.

The week has been tres ugh. Hopefully a good dinner with some good friends will help to clear it up.

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