Friday, November 02, 2007

Random Ranting

I'll redo the post on the week, but first, a random rant.

I just tried to sign into one of my online accounts, and their random "Enhanced Security Feature" decided that I needed to verify some more information so that they could be sure I was who I said I was. As a general idea, this is fine. However, more and more I'm seeing a lot of companies go about it in a way that's completely assinine.

I'm talking about companies that ask you to answer personal questions about yourself. Not just factual stuff like "In what city were you born?", but stupid stuff for which there's no particular right answer and which might actually change over time.

Some examples I've encountered:
What is your favorite restaurant?
Who was your childhood hero?
What was the first name of your first childhood crush?
What was your father's job when you were growing up?
Where do you most want to go on vacation?

What's your favorite restaurant? Right now it's Thai Diner. A month ago it was Cheesecake Factory. Before that it was Ipanema Grill. Seriously, has anyone ever had a favorite restaurant that hasn't changed over the years?

What was your father's job when you were growing up? Well, thankfully my dad was lucky enough to have just one job while I was growing up, so putting aside that potential issue, I have really no idea how to describe it. He's a small business owner, a framer, an artist, a painter, a gallery owner, he's everything.

Random rant ends now, because I have to go catch an airport shuttle.

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