Saturday, August 04, 2007

Downtown Charlottesville

I drove up to Charlottesville today to visit Katie and Brandon, who was down from Baltimore dropping off his cat Kitty-Beast for a two week cat-sitting session (his real name is Sullivan, but we all call him Kitty-Beast). We tried a new Thai restaurant for lunch - good food but kinda bad service - then drove downtown so that Katie could show off her campus and the downtown area.

UVA has some great architecture, all of it based off of Jefferson's classical design style. The rotunda in the middle of the grounds is really something else, and the entire place reminds me a lot of Monticello. It reminded me how much I miss being able to walk around in large, well gardened open spaces; something I just don't get a lot of in Richmond.

After the campus it was off to downtown, specifically a kind of open air flea market with a lot of street vendors, bars, restaurants and shops. A really nice place, although it was pretty hot outside. We ended up buying tickets and watching The Simpsons Movie, which was decent but not as funny or Simpsony as I was hoping. We also had some obnoxious popcorn chompers sitting right behind us, who felt compelled to comment on everything for the first half of the movie. Ugh. Being disrespectful in public and ruining the day for others is just something that really bothers me.

Then some beer at a place called South Street Brewery, during which Katie got called back to the lab in order to fix a mix-up with her mice. So, out of the bar, back to her apartment, where I'm writing the post and playing with the Kitty-Beast while the other two are at the lab.

I keep wondering when I'll finally get a cat or other pet. Anyone who knew me in highschool is probably amazed that I don't already have one, but the truth is I'm pretty worried about having another allergic meltdown like I did with Templeton. Looking back I'm not sure how I lasted as long as I did: waking up in the middle of the night every night and not being able to get back to sleep, breaking out in hives if I so much as touched Templeton, having my eyes swell shut overnight. It's those memories that have kept me from going out and getting one, and I need to be extra careful when I decide it's time.

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