Friday, August 31, 2007

Lucy is A-OK

Lucy had her first vet appointment today (first one with me, anyway). The CARE representative that handled the adoption process recommended a good place not too far from my apartment, so I figured I'd go with that.

What I discovered today, and what any pet owner probably could have told me, is that the visit to the vet does not start when you walk into the building. Rather, it starts 20 minutes before you leave as you try to get the cat into the carry-case. Lucy absolutely WOULD NOT go into hers. I tried treats, I tried toys, I tried sweet talk, nothing would work. As soon as she got near it, all four legs went in all four directions. Eventually I had to use the box that she came home in, which was easier since it's a top loading box. Lesson: time to buy a new carry-case.

Anyway, we got to the vet, and in the course of filling out paper work I discovered that there is a very cute young doctor there. After scouring the brochure they gave me, I think his name is Dr. O'Sullivan. He enjoys running, weight training, gold and kayaking. Special veterinary interests include soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, exotics and ultrasound. Aaaaanyway...

Lucy is just fine. A healthly 9.5 pounds, no worms. Six of her front incisors are missing but those aren't teeth that cats use much anyway (the vet said they mostly likely rotted out when she was living on the streets). She does have some yeast and bacteria in her ears, so we came home with some drops. That'll be interesting, but worth it. When the vet swabbed the inside of her ears, some pretty funky gunk came out, and I want that stuff out of my cat. All in all Lucy was great during all of it. A bit unconfortable during the checking of the temperature, but given where they stick the thermometer, that's not unexpected. The most traumatic part of the experience really was just getting her into her case.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Apartment is Infested with Mushrooms

So, when I got home from work on this evening, I went into the bedroom, where I noticed two small roundish things along the side of the wall right where it meets the carpet. Always the curious type, I poked one with a stick. They are ... mushrooms. MUSHROOMS. Seriously, there are freaking mushrooms growing up from inside my wall and carpet.

After some investigation, it appears that the back of my washing machine has been slowly but steadily leaking. The washer and dryer are in their own closet that was built specifically for them, they fit snug, and I've never had any reason to take a flashlight and see what's behind them. Well, not until now, at least. So anyway, the best I can figure out is that the water has rotted the woodwork to such an extent that mushrooms are growing out the other side.

Needless to say, this is kind of disturbing. If the woodwork has become so rotted that it's now actively supporting fungus, I'm lucky the whole floor hasn't collapsed into the apartment below. Maintenance is coming first thing Friday morning.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Action Packed 3 Weeks

Wow, haven't had a post in 3 weeks. You know what that means? Action-Packed-Super-Post!

Sun 8/5 - Nothing to report.

Mon 8/6 - Typical Monday. Blah.

Tue 8/7 - Typical Tuesday. Blah.

Wed 8/8 - Starting to get super-busy for the monthly department MBR.

Thu 8/9 - Drove up to Charlottesville to see the Kitty-Beast, and also to have dinner with Katie and Todd. Made the honey-garlic marinated steaks and peach cobbler. Decided that Ukrops was going downhill in terms of meat selection and vowed to find another grocery store that actually carried decent steaks (which is a real bummer, because I like Ukrops, but like everyone else they're cutting costs and going downhill).

Fri 8/10 - Even busier.

Sat 8/11 - Dinner with Justin, Danielle and Jen at a new restaurant downtown called Comfort. Great food, great company, great game of mini-golf afterwards.

Sun 8/12 - boring

Mon 8/13 - Busy, hot and muggy. Ugh.

Tue 8/14 - Busier, hotter and muggier. Double Ugh.

Wed 8/15 - Armageddon.

Thu 8/16 - Attended the NHS MBR in the morning, which I honestly didn't think was as bad as the other MBRs. Anyway, got free coffee and bagels out of it, so it's all good. Drove up to Charlottesville for dinner with Katie, where we had lobster for dinner! The yearly lobster up at Maine has become a tradition in our family, and both of us were kind of upset that we weren't going to get to eat one up there, so we decided to eat one down here. We got kind of excited.

Fri 8/17 - Not so busy, good day.

Sat 8/18 - Good day, heat finally gone.

Sun 8/19 - Katie and Brandon came down for the day. I baked about 100 muffins, we had a good breakfast, and then went out to Osaka for hibachi.

Mon 8/20 - Ahhh... dark and dreary Monday. Then up to Charlottesville to help Katie pick out a cat! End result, Katie now belongs to a crazy adorable 6 month old kitten named Cosmo who thinks she's a dog and likes to pant.

Tue 8/21 - Finally decided that I needed a pet to, so I went out to Petsmart, and found an absolutely beautiful 1 year old silver tabby. Apparently CARE found her out at Nuckols Rd, brought her in where she sat in the cages for a few weeks, got adopted by a family with 4 other cats who brought her back the next day saying 'does not play well with others', sat in the cages again for another two weeks, and then I found her. Despite having a not so great life, she's very sweet and loves attention; she's just a little (understandably) skittish right now and stays under the bed when I'm not actively petting her. She's eating and drinking, though, and we've had a couple of really good plays since then, and I think she's going to be fine :) Right now I have to rely on the phone's camera, but soon I'll have good pictures to post.

Wed 8/22 - Found out I've been promoted to Senior Ops Analyst. Woot! Drinks on me!

Thu 8/23 - The SVP's department imperatives came out, and all of a sudden everyone's much busier again.

Fri 8/24 - Spent most of the day setting up meetings to discuss what the events of 8/23 mean for most of us. Heat returned with a vengence. Had a cookout at my place, got to see Andrew from Cornell for the first time in over a year (he's at UVA now, which'll be great). Katie and Marie came down to visit also. Played fun games.

Here ends the Action-Packed-Super-Post. More later this weekend, promise.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Downtown Charlottesville

I drove up to Charlottesville today to visit Katie and Brandon, who was down from Baltimore dropping off his cat Kitty-Beast for a two week cat-sitting session (his real name is Sullivan, but we all call him Kitty-Beast). We tried a new Thai restaurant for lunch - good food but kinda bad service - then drove downtown so that Katie could show off her campus and the downtown area.

UVA has some great architecture, all of it based off of Jefferson's classical design style. The rotunda in the middle of the grounds is really something else, and the entire place reminds me a lot of Monticello. It reminded me how much I miss being able to walk around in large, well gardened open spaces; something I just don't get a lot of in Richmond.

After the campus it was off to downtown, specifically a kind of open air flea market with a lot of street vendors, bars, restaurants and shops. A really nice place, although it was pretty hot outside. We ended up buying tickets and watching The Simpsons Movie, which was decent but not as funny or Simpsony as I was hoping. We also had some obnoxious popcorn chompers sitting right behind us, who felt compelled to comment on everything for the first half of the movie. Ugh. Being disrespectful in public and ruining the day for others is just something that really bothers me.

Then some beer at a place called South Street Brewery, during which Katie got called back to the lab in order to fix a mix-up with her mice. So, out of the bar, back to her apartment, where I'm writing the post and playing with the Kitty-Beast while the other two are at the lab.

I keep wondering when I'll finally get a cat or other pet. Anyone who knew me in highschool is probably amazed that I don't already have one, but the truth is I'm pretty worried about having another allergic meltdown like I did with Templeton. Looking back I'm not sure how I lasted as long as I did: waking up in the middle of the night every night and not being able to get back to sleep, breaking out in hives if I so much as touched Templeton, having my eyes swell shut overnight. It's those memories that have kept me from going out and getting one, and I need to be extra careful when I decide it's time.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Strange Headlines, Part 1

I was browsing through this morning, and came across this gem of a headline:
Men's Health: Pussycat or Tiger Tumor? Scientists have found a new
way to idenfity prostate cancer.

Pussycats and prostates? Someone at CNN was having fun this morning!