Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a Week ...

Ok, it's been a year since I've posted anything, but I'm going to do my best to start updating this on a regular basis. We'll see what comes of it. I suppose it would be interesting to go through what's happened over the year, but I think just this past weekend is exciting enough.

Chris, my best friend from college, and his fiance Daniela got married this weekend, and I was part of the groomal party. Anyone who knows Chris knows that he's not exactly the world's most detailed oriented planner, but we'll get to that in a second. :)

First, I didn't exactly plan too terribly well for this weekend myself. I had my flight to NYC scheduled for Thursday morning, and realized on Wednesday evening that I didn't have a suit that fit me. So I run down to S&K Men's store to get measured and fitted, etc. Found two nice suits, and one was 50% off, so I got both. Problem was, the earliest I could have them was 10:00AM Thursday morning, because they needed to hem the pants. My flight departed at 11:10AM, and the airport is on the opposite side of town. At Richmond Intl that's really cutting it close, but still doable; and really what choice did I have? So I decided to scrap driving to the airport myself and instead got a cab to pick me up at the apartment, take me to the store where I hurridly picked up the suit without trying it on (important point to remember later), and then off to the airport.

Well, the cabbie ended up getting me there in plenty of time, and we had some pretty good conversation along the way. Turns out his daughter lives in Lancaster at Willow Street - small world! Anyway, got to the airport, flew to Laguardia, and set about finding the sedan service that I'd scheduled. The actual wedding was in Orangeburg, which is just west enough of Westchester that regular cabs won't go there, so that meant ordering a car. When I called the number on the confirmation email to let them know I'd arrived, I was told to "go to the middle"; instructions which I hoped would be clearer once I got to the pick-up area. Waited "in the middle" for about 20 minutes, guy pulls up, I get in, explained where I was going, and off we went. I'd looked up reviews for this particular service earlier in the week (which weren't stellar, the phrase "feared for my life" and "NEVER AGAIN!" were often used) and was kind of nervous, but everything went fine, and $90 later I was safely at the hotel.

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