Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a Week V

There was a free breakfast on Sunday morning (a good free breakfast, with eggs and sausage and french toast). I got to see everybody one last time, said my goodbyes, gave my tux to Chris's mom who had volunteered to take them back for everyone (what a gal), and then Mike and I started the drive back.

There was a storm along the way, which was the first time in a long time that I'd been in a heavy rain lasting more than 5 minutes. I listened to and enjoyed the rain, talked with Mike, and just had a really relaxing couple of hours.

We got back to his place in DC around 4ish and chilled there for a while, and I got to see what the apartment looked like after I'd helped move all the furniture in a few weeks before. Off to my first ever ride on the DC metro, which was pleasant enough, but no one told me that you have to swipe to get out. So I stood in the middle of the gates for a couple minutes, holding two bags and a suit, frantically rifling through my pockets trying to find the card I'd bought, and just generally looking like an idiot until some kind security guy took pity on me and opened the gate. Lesson learned.

Got some food in Union Station, looked like an idiot again when the hanger that was carrying my suit broke, then got onto the 7PM train to Richmond. On the train there was a couple, the kind that think every word the other says is pure hilarity. Extremely annoying, but luckily they got off at Quantico. We were about an hour late and got into Richmond around 10:30PM; but we were the lucky ones, because the train behind us got stuck behind a broken down freight train, and was 3 to 4 hours late (for a train ride that's only supposed to take 2 hours).

Justin and Daniele had graciously offered to pick me up from the station and drive me home, and after a lot of apologizing for making them wait, they drove me home. On the way, Daniele asked me if I was still coming to Justin's birthday party the next day, because they were really looking forward to it, and of course I hadn't forgotten about it, right? Oops!

I promimsed them I'd be there, they drove me home, Daniele waited until I had gotten into my apartment before driving off, which was kind of weird because no one's ever done that before and I had no idea what she was doing, and then finally collapsed into bed.

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