Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a Week IV

The actual day of the wedding was even more hectic. First it was lunch at the Palisades mall, then another trip to Target for safety pins, hair product and shoe polish (I was the official make-sure-everyone-looks-good guy).

Then we drove around Orangeburg trying to find a liquor store that sold Rosa Regale sparkling wine, which was Chris's favorite and what he wanted for his wedding night. We finally ended up finding it in a grocery store.

After that, it was off to the View on the Hudson to do a spur-of-the-moment-last-minute plan for and rehersal of the wedding. I think the two hosts were playing good-cop-bad-cop with us. Also, Derek's GPS failed miserably to get us there by the most efficient route.

Back to the hotel! Into the tux! Wonder what to do with the matching garter that came with the tux! Fix everyone else's tux! Off to the View! Stand a long time! Wedding! Pictures! More pictures! Even more pictures! Host yelling at the photographer to stop taking pictures because it's now 9PM and he needs to start serving dinner!

Finally, we got to the reception, and I could sit. I got to see even more of my favorite people (Andrew! Michelle! Jessica! Joanna! Katherine with a C!). We danced, had some drinks, danced some more, and had an absolutely incredible time. We had to leave around 12:30, but the hotel bar was open until 4AM, so we all went in there and hung out with a group of incredibly good-looking guys. Did that for a few hours, and then blessed blessed sleep.

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