Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a Week III

The next morning I got a call from Chris around 9:30AM telling me that we had a busy day, and who then apparently fell right back to sleep after 1:00PM. No matter, I explored the strip mall next to the hotel and found an incredible little pizza place, and caught up on some emails from work.

After everyone was up, it was time to do all of the errands that we didn't get done the day before, but that meant splitting up. Chris went to get his haircut, while I went along with Alex, Mike T, Tomasz and Sam in Alex's cramped little car back to Westchester mall pick up the tuxes that weren't there yesterday. Why, you ask? Because I was the only one Chris trusted to make sure they fit well. :)

I also discovered that several people hadn't realized the tuxes didn't come with socks, so I went off to buy some. Neiman Marcus was next door, so I went in there, found some dress socks, and discovered when I went to the checkout counter that it was "cash, check, or American Express only". What kind of stupid store takes AmEx but not VISA or MasterCard? I had cash on me, but not enough to buy 8 pair of good dress socks, so I trudged up to the ATM, mutting to myself the entire time.

On the way back, there was an accident on the Tappan Zee bridge, and traffic slowed to a crawl. Picture five not-small guys wedged into a tiny car that doesn't have air conditioning on a 95 degree day sitting in traffic that's not moving for about 90 minutes. Naturally we were sweating, and when I wiped my forehead with my hand I discovered that the top of Alex's car, which I'd been holding on to with my arm out the window, was quite dirty. So now I was cramped, hot, sweaty, and also looked like a linebacker. Plus, Alex is a Jersey driver. I love the guy, but he's still a Jersey driver. NOT a fun time.

We finally got back to the hotel, where I discovered that some of the other guys didn't know the rehersal dinner that night was formal and were out buying pants. :)

I went back to my room, showered, and tried to change into my new suit that I'd bought ealier in the week. And I hated it. It really didn't fit all that well (the pants especially), one of the buttons was almost coming off, I didn't like the style at all, and there was even a slit in the pocket! I just kept looking at myself in the mirror in disbelief, wondering: "did I actually buy this piece of crap!?!?" I really couldn't believe that I'd been that careless when I was in the store. I sighed, resigned myself to the fact that I'd wasted a chunk of money, and went down to the dinner.

The dinner went well. Got to see more people (AJ!), and had some good food. I did my little speech that Chris had asked all the groomsmen to prepare, and it went over great. Around 11PM Mike O (who was sharing my hotel room for two nights) got to the hotel, and I went up to let him in and give him his key. I changed out of my bad-idea suit, and then we both went to the after party in Mike T's room, where much fun was had, and beer bottle labels may or may not have been worn on foreheads. :P

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