Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a Week II

After I checked into the hotel, it was off to the Palisades Mall for lunch with Chris and company, and THEN it was time for errands.

Chris needed a haircut and a wedding gift, I needed to make a trip to Target to buy the essentials (my hasty Richmond departure necessitated having only carry-on luggage, which meant no toiletries), and all of us needed to go to the Westchester mall across the river to pick up the tuxes.

There was a Target in the Palisades mall, so that was easy, and then we all piled into Derek's car (with one of those cool GPS thingies) and head to Westchester mall to pick up the tuxes from AfterHours Formalwear.

AfterHours was a madhouse. First, the store itself was only a 15x15 hole in the side of the mall. When your groomal party is 11 total, that means things will be crowded. Second, we got there just as two other wedding parties came to pick up their tuxes too. OOF. I was lucky enough to get one of the two private changing rooms. Chris, on the other hand, actually had use the measuring room off to the side and change into his tux along with 4 other guys who were also using the room at the same time. Heh :P

Some of the tuxes were sent to the wrong store which meant we would need to come back the next day, but we got most of them. Back to the hotel, awesome dinner at StirCrazy, and then to Dave and Busters for the bachelor party.

Nothing too crazy happened, but we had an awesome time. I got to see a lot of my favorite people that I haven't seen in over a year (Alex! Tomasz!). Derek and I got into an hour-long debate about when it's acceptable to use force and kill for something you believe in, we almost got kicked out because we were trying to keep all the glasses at the table as a tally, and I discovered that I'm horrible at simulated jump-rope.

I ended up going back to the hotel at 1AM, but apparently the others kept right on going until at least 4AM, when one of the parents heard them coming back into the hotel with cases of beer. Yay beer!

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