Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Things Straight Guys Do...

Today's my second to last day in Kelowna, and to celebrate, myself and a few other people went to a strip club.

Yes, you read that right, a strip club. A straight strip club, at that. I have no idea how I got talked into it (the 4 Tom Collins probably had a hand), but anyway, along we went to "Willows". In Virginia there're all sorts of regulations about nudity, covering, touching, etc. Here in Canada, not so much. The girls lose all of their clothes, save a pair of pointy high-heeled shoes, and they do all sorts of things if you tip them.

So the first girl comes out, and for $5 each she spanks one person, puts another's face in her breasts, and sticks another guy's head in her legs. When the second girl comes out, my compatriots keep jabbing me and telling me to put out $5, so I think 'what the hell', and put it out. The girl waits until she's completely done, then wraps herself up in a blanket and takes my $5, and that's that. Rather disappointed, I start to leave, but they convince me to try again, and so the final girl comes out. She dances for 18 minutes, waits until the end of her song, and then I get a grand view of her shoulder as she takes my $5. So for $10, I got less than the other guys got for $5.

*sigh...if I were straight, I'd be rather depressed right now :P

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