Sunday, October 15, 2006


Event II has pretty much run its course, and the new system is largely working. This means that we only need to spend a few hours a day at the site, and have the rest of the time free to do whatever we want around Kelowna. (shh.. don't tell anyone!)

Last night we had dinner at a steakhouse called Moxie's. Apparently Saturday is their "Moxicize Day"; any drink you get can be doubled for just $1 more. I got a Tom Collins, while Kim and Jason got rum and coke. The coke, however, was flat, which prompted Kim to inform the waitress, in delightful southern twang no less, that she needed to "moxicize this drink right on back where it came from." We finally stopped laughing a few minutes later, and got around to ordering. And then I ate the best steak of my entire life.

One of Moxie's signature dishes is a NY Strip steak, marinated in honey garlic. It was tender, it was tasteful, it was sweet, and it was GOOD. Jason, who's 30 and considers himself something of steak expert, was awestruck. I mean, we are not talking just good. We are talking this-is-what-I'd-have-for-my-last-meal good. We're planning to go back.

This afternoon had lunch at a nice little restaurant called The Yellow House. Had mimosa and a shrimp, spinach and goat-cheese omelette. Wasn't sure if the flavors would work together, but they did. Took a 4 mile walk across the bridge over the lake and back, then took a nap, then had dinner at Mama Rosa's, a great little traditional Italian place that has great atmosphere. Had fettucine with a spicy tomato sauce and hot sausage - mmmmm. Decided to take some back with me to the hotel, and then discovered that I had no silverware. Oops.

Right now, just sitting back and relaxing, sipping the chardonnay that I got over the weekend and listening to the rain. Can't ask for more than that.

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