Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, I'm back in Richmond after recruitment testing at Texas A&M. A few observances:

1) Dallas is an incredibly nice and modern airport - with the exceptions of un-free wifi and lack of power outlets. Seriously, there were a grand total of ZERO public-access power outlets. I searched 8 gates and couldn't find a single one. Which was why my battery died.

2) What's with all the crickets in Texas? I walk out onto the parking lot and had to plow my way through a bunch of hopping things.

3) Texans are not good at giving directions.

4) Texas A&M is huge, with more land than it knows what to do with.

5) "WHEE!! Isn't this fun? It's just like a roller coaster!" is not something you like to hear from the lady sitting next to you when you're traveling at 15,000 feet.

Other than that, it was a fairly uneventful trip. We tested 150 applicants, which is pretty good for that school. Although 150 tested applicants means 150 tests, plus all of the ones we didn't use. Which means a very heavy suitcase . . . so heavy in fact, that the stewardess actually ordered me to stow it under the plane.

Work today was also fairly uneventful, I just kept taking the CBT floorwalker classes. Even though the trip isn't until early/mid October, they say the training needs to be done by the 26th, which, when you consider that I just spent three days out of the office, is a fairly big crunch.

Had steak tonight for dinner. Yum.

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